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You could win a Penfriend XL Portable in our prize draw.

Penfriend Portable Penfriend is loved and used by thousands of people the world over. While we celebrate the fact that Penfriend has changed the lives of so many people by helping to overcome barriers, create independent and confident learners, we are not complacent and we won’t rest on our laurels!

Here at Penfriend we are always looking at ways in which we can continue to improve Penfriend, by making it more user friendly, easier to use while increasing its powerful features.

So we’re asking you, our customers to help us make improvements. It’s your chance to have your say. What it is you like about Penfriend? What do you use if for? Are there any specific features that you use? How does it help you? And how do you think we can make it even better?

To help us improve Penfriend please complete our online survey. It will only take a few of minutes of your time. The most interesting submission will win a Penfriend XL Portable.

Good luck!


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Penfriend’s on-screen keyboard has always been a favourite feature with our customers, particularly those who use an alternative mouse such as a trackerball. With features such as ‘hover to click’ the on-screen keyboard has been greatly improved offering increased accessibility and usability to our customers.

Additionally we’ve also added an option which allows individual letters and function keys on the on-screen keyboard to be echoed or read back to the user. This is a very useful feature for individuals who are leaning to type such as early years or even those new to a computer. Speech feedback on the on-screen keyboard is also very beneficial to those who are struggling with literacy and require audio feedback to help scaffold their learning.

Get in touch

Visit the Penfriend website to download the latest versions of Penfriend.

We also have some new exciting products in the pipeline – so keep checking the blog to find out more or alternatively follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.

And don’t forget, the Penfriend blog looks great on the iPad!

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If you have a motor difficulty or a disability that prevents you from using a physical keyboard, then Penfriend’s on-screen keyboard could be just the solution you’re looking for.

With so many custom features to choose from you can use Penfriend’s on-screen keyboard to type up letters, emails, write documents just as you would with a physical keyboard.

As you choose the letter you want to write Penfriend’s on-screen keyboard predicts words according to the key you’ve pressed. For example if you press the letter ‘d’ followed by ‘o’ on the on-screen keyboard, then Penfriend will predict words related to those letters, ie, ‘document’, ‘documentation’ and so on. You can either click on the predicted word in the prediction window or change the preferences to predict your chosen  word with the corresponding number on the on-screen keyboard.

Penfriend's on-screen keyboard

Use Penfriend's on-screen keyboard to type with a mouse.

This can be done using your mouse to click the word. Alternatively if you find a standard mouse difficult to use you can also use a trackerball or another alternative mouse

such as a finger mouse, joystick or verrtical mouse to identify, select and click the letters and words you want to type.

A selection of alternative mice

Type with Penfriend's on-screen keyboard using an alternative mouse.

With Penfriend’s innovative word prediction you can start typing faster and more accurately – with just a mouse!

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It is without doubt that Penfriend offers some great features, particularly for those users who need to customise the look and feel of Penfriend. For example, the Penfriend prediction window can be customised by changing the font style and size as well as font and background colours. This is of course very useful for people who experience Scotopic Sensitivity and suffer from visual stress.

While Penfriend offers these great features they don’t always come as default in your favourite word processor or web browser. It is often the case that you need to dig deep into your computers’ settings to make changes, particularly to help with tracking and colour preferences.

RapidSet with Penfriend

RapidSet running alongside Penfriend - changing colour preferences.

Well here at Penfriend we have some great free software to help you quickly and easily make the changes to your computer exactly as you want them. We have some great free software for you to download and use alongside Penfriend. Whether it’s colour background preferences or tracking the movement of your mouse cursor – we have solutions to help.

To find out more visit the ‘Free Software’ section of the Penfriend blog.

And don’t forget to visit the Penfriend website to download the latest versions of Penfriend.

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An example of Penfriend predicting words.Did you know that you can create and use customised lexicon or word list in Penfriend? Say for example you’re writing a school project about Roman or Greek history and you need words which are related to the subject, you can create a specific list of words which will appear in Penfriend’s prediction window.

What if you wanted to write a letter or send an email to a friend or a relative to tell them about your home town, a hobby or something that interests you but you find it difficult to type? Then Penfriend can help!

Penfriend helps to speed up writing by cutting down the number of keystrokes needed to write a document and, by creating different lexicons or word lists, you can type quicker and more accurately.

Watch the video tutorial below to find out more.

To find out more and download a trial version of Penfriend visit out website.

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