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There might be occasions when you are using Penfriend and you want Penfriend to stop predicting words, for example, if you are typing a URL (an Internet address i.e., www.penfriend.biz) into a web browser, or you simply want to type a number.

This can sometimes be confusing particularly if you have set Penfriend to predict using the ‘Number Keys’ option and you want to type a number.

In the illustration below Penfriend is set to predict using the Number Keys.

Example of Penfriend using the Number Keys option

Example of Penfriend using the Number Keys option

So what do you do if you want to just type a number but you don’t want to close or stop Penfriend?

Well it couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is to select the ‘Minimise’ button on Penfriend’s Prediction window (or use the keyboard shortcut: press alt + spacebar and then press N).

Penfriend’s Prediction window minimises to the Taskbar (or the System Tray on Windows XP) at the bottom of your screen. Minimising Penfriend’s Prediction window will temporarily stop Penfriend from predicting words which means that you can type numbers or internet addresses.

When you want to use Penfriend to continue predicting words simply click on the Penfriend icon in the Taskbar (or System Tray) and Penfriend will reappear in the same position as it was before.

To find out more watch the video screen cast tutorial (with subtitles) below:

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